Frequently asked Questions

Adaptor won’t connect common problems

  1. The adaptor must be paired and powered with the Appropriate Program.
  2. Make sure the Machine has Power and ground at diagnostic port
  3. Make sure the Adaptor is recognised on the Laptop, Check Device manager, plug in usb , see if it shows up.
  4. Restart the Computer this can fix a variety of problems
  5. Check documentation to make sure the correct device is selected in the Diagnostic program.
  6. Cat coms adaptor must be connected to the machine and turned on prior to connecting to the laptop.
  7. Broken Diagnostic Ports, we see a lot of dirty connectors and some broken wires, It is common on a Obd2 port for the pins to be pushed out the back.
  8. I understand the frustration of a tool not working , but most the time it is the machine in question ,
  9. If you have tested every option , Then you may need to reinstall the software and start again Do not do this unless you are sure )

Program won’t start

  1. Restart the Computer
  2. Write down all Messages
  3. Send me an email info@wizzcom.com.au
  4. Await my response
  5. It’s worth a quick Google search with the error message .

Return for repair

  1. Let me know the problem, in case I need to order parts, it will speed the return time.
  2. Do not just send the unit back, we may be able to Fix it remotely.
  3. All repairs are Ex Brisbane, Customers to pay freight.