System No 2 Cat & Volvo – 15.6″ Lenovo T51xx 52 i5, Fast and Reliable


Lenovo T51xx 15.6″ Screen

Windows 7, with Solid State Drive ( Fast ) Partitioned Storage Drive , Loads of programs you can install yourself


2 in stock



Lenovo T5xx Series Diagnostic Laptop

Windows 7 professional

i5 Cpu

4Gb ram

1 x 500Gb SSD Drive



15.6″ Led display

The Laptop is very fast due to the Solid State Drive , It also makes it more reliable as it can be moved while still running , which is a must in the industry , all other software is installed on the secondary Hard Drive.

This Laptop is Used but in Very good Condition , may have small marks or blemishes


Software installed and working on Laptop

Cat Sis 2017 — Software loaded to Storage drive so no need for Cd’s



System No 2 Cat & Volvo

Name     Software Version
Model T51xx 500Gb i5 $1200 Cat ET 2018A
      Cat SIS 2017
      Cat HIS 2011
      Cat Flash files  
      Cat PW Generator Old
      Volvo Techtool 2.5.87 – 2018
Volvo ProSIS 2017

There are no adapters supplied but can organize for you if required,

Feel free to ask any questions about this package. I spent literally hours installing and testing this software and are sure you will have no problems with it,

But if you do i am only a email away.


There is approx. 150 GB of software installed, and will need to be backed up upon receipt of this package.


Price is not negotiable. but can build a system to suit or load your laptop.