Diagnostic Laptop 15.6″ Lenovo T510 , ET, SIS, Cummins , Fast and Reliable


15.6″ Screen for easy viewing , Windows 7, with Solid State Drive ( Fast ) and Extra Storage Drive , Loads of programs you can install yourself .


4 in stock (can be backordered)



Lenovo T510 Diagnostic Laptop, Not your Normal Setup , Very Fast and reliable system , read the specs


Windows 7 professional

i5 Cpu 2.4Ghz

4Gb ram

1 x 120gb SSD Drive

1 x 320gb hard drives



15.6″ Led display

Fingerprint reader


The Laptop is very fast due to the Solid State Drive , It also makes it more reliable as it can be moved while still running , which is a must in the industry , all other software is installed on the secondary Hard Drive. Please note the Laptop has no Rom as it has been removed for the secondary Hard Drive.

This Laptop is Used but in Very good Condition , may have small marks or blemishes


Software installed and working on Laptop

Cat Sis 2015 — Software loaded to Storage drive so no need for Cd’s

Cat ET 2015—  NO Adaptor ( Cat Com Adaptor .See Adaptors in store) allow 3 weeks          for delivery .

Cumming Insite — No Adaptor (DPA Adaptor See Adaptors in Store )       Allow 3 weeks for delivery


Open Office free office program in case you need it


This Laptop is a clone of the laptop I use, so I know it works, I have been using these programs for many years, especially the cat software and Cummings,

There is also a file with other software you can install if required EG, Toyota Tis TechStream , Detroit Diesel, Nissan UD, Volvo, Mack to name a few . There are no adaptors Supplied but can organise for you if required,


Feel free to ask any questions about this package. I spent literally hours installing and testing this software and are sure you will have no problems with it,

But if you do i am only a email away.


There is approx. 150 GB of software installed, and will need to be backed up upon receipt of this package.


Price is not negotiable. but can build a system to suit or load your laptop.


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