Cat 70 Pin ECM Break out Harness


Cat 70 Pin Breakout or Bypass Harness




Breakout or bypass harness from Wizzcom Technologies

This is the Cat 70 Pin Breakout or Bypass Harness , you need to buy this for connecting to Caterpillar Equipment.


  • Maybe you are having issues with the diagnostic port on your Vehicle or suspect there may be a problem and wish to bypass the vehicle wiring and go direct to the ECM.
  • This is the only way you should ever re-flash an ECM
  • You want to setup an ECM prior to installing it on the Vehicle , You can do it on the bench with this setup.
  • Manufactures recommend NOT programming the vehicle through the dash connector, but instead go direct to the ECM. This is the best way for you to achieve that.


  • The Cat 70 Pin Harness is a short harness that connects to the Power Harness Sold Seperatly .
  • All cables are tested on ECMs before shipping.
  • Professional, quality manufacturing of cables made in the Australia.
  • 12-Month BTB warranty on all components

The Main Power Harness includes

  1. 70 pin Cat Connector
  2. 12 pin Deutsch plug for connection to Power Harness
  3. Approx 2oo mm in length

NOTE: This cable will not work by itself. You will need the Breakout Harness Power Cable .