Breakout Harness Power Cable


Main Power Harness



Breakout or bypass harness from Wizzcom Technologies

This is the Main Power Harness , you need to buy this then select what adapter harness you require EG Cat , Cummings , Detroit .


  • Maybe you are having issues with the diagnostic port on your Vehicle or suspect there may be a problemĀ and wish to bypass the vehicle wiring and go direct to the ECM.
  • This is the only way you should ever re-flash an ECM
  • You want to setup an ECM prior to installing it on the Vehicle , You can do it on the bench with this setup.
  • Manufactures recommend NOT programming the vehicle through the dash connector, but instead go direct to the ECM. This is the best way for you to achieve that.


  • The “main” harness that connects to a power source and provides the 9-pin connector is detachable. This allows you to purchase the ECM connectors you need, instead of having to purchase a completely new harness.
  • The harness is Fused and has an ignition Button , a requirement not many provide.
  • 120 Ohm resistor included in Harness
  • All cables are tested on ECMs before shipping.
  • Professional, quality manufacturing of cables made in the Australia.
  • 12-Month BTB warranty on all components

The Main Power Harness includes

  1. Battery Clamps
  2. 9 pin Deutsch plug with resistor
  3. 12 pin Deutsch plug for connection , various Adapters
  4. Fused Circuit
  5. Ignition Button
  6. Battery Clamps
  7. Approx 2 Meters Long .

Additional information

Weight 1 kg